Fresh live NZ mussels to the world

Ikana NZ is a proudly family owned premier exporter of live shellfish including Greenshell mussels and Abalone.

The Glass family – Steve and Julie started our Ikana journey in 2014 with sourcing our Greenshell Mussels From Big Glory Bay in Stewart Island – the most southern Isle in New Zealand.


Steve was involved in the Seafood Industry in the 1980s but went back to the family Pork Business until 2014 . He  has come full circle and returned to the Seafood Industry.
His knowledge in food processing, supply chain management and logistics drew Steve to the concept of exporting a premium product in optimal packaging for an extended shelf life. Ikana’s innovative packaging allows the customer to enjoy super fresh, tender healthy and sustainably grown New Zealand shellfish.


Thanks to Tony Gimblett (General Manager) 2015 and Grant Fuller  (Director of International Marketing) 2016 who joined us in the early days and are as passionate about our company and product as we are.  We all enjoy hosting our valued customers when they come to New Zealand and proud to showcase them why New Zealand is the place to source seafood.


The three regions we now source from are in the cooler waters of the South Island of New Zealand

  • Big Glory Bay Stewart Island
  • The beautiful Malborough Sounds which is now our main supply area
  • Port Levy Banks Peninsula which is not far from our home base in Christchurch

Origins video Stewart Island

This is where our first Ikana NZ  region story began five years ago.  Steve went down to Stewart Island with a film crew and shot this video over a couple of days.  Our business was fledgling in 2015 and we have continuously diversified and improved since then. We are still very proud of this video and would like to share it with you. Enjoy.

Regions that harvest Ikana Greenshell Mussels

Greenshell mussels are one of New Zealand’s most popular seafoods and only produced around the waters of New Zealand.  These are the areas where we harvest from.

Malborough Sounds

This is our main harvest area. Havelock is known as the Greenshell Mussel capital of the world!
It has numerous green native forest coves where the mussel farms nestle.

Stewart Island

Stewart Island is 30 km south of the mainland. Its sub Antarctic so the waters are turquoise coloured and the strong, cold currents create the ideal environment for seafood.

Port Levy

Port Levy is a long sheltered bay on Banks Peninsula where the signature volcanic geography covered with bronze pastures flow down to the blue clear waters.

Ikana are proud sponsors of this great initiative