Green Shell Mussels

Perna canaliculus (Greenshell Mussels) are native and grown only in New Zealand. They are one of the largest mussel species and their emerald green shells are distinctive to this species.

Greenshell Mussels are called Kutai by our New Zealand indigenous Maori.  They have been an important food source for coastal Maori for generations and an iconic seafood for all New Zealanders.

Our mussels are sourced from some of the finest cleanest waters of New Zealand, from Stewart Island in the far south to the warmer waters of the Marlborough Sounds. All of our farming partners lead by example in healthy ocean management and sustainability.

All of our products are packed within a day of harvest and will stay ‘live’ in our custom packaging for 12 days.


Green shelled mussels are considered a super food… with the following properties

  • High in protein, vitamins and minerals
  • High in omega 3, fats and amino acids
  • Anti inflammatory properties



Perfect for you


Just add your favourite ingredients
Garlic, ginger, chilli
Cook your favourite way


A+ sustainable aquaculture
Our farming partners lead by example in
healthy ocean management


Natures superfood
Omega 3, minerals and vitamins
Research approved anti inflammatory

Discover ways to cook mussels

Green shell mussels are excellent for fast, healthy cooking alternatives and can be prepared in many ways

French influence

Follow this step by step guide to cooking up your mussels with a little French influence!

Spanish style

Give this Spanish influenced recipe a go and enjoy the great flavours

Thai Style

Discover the Thai influence with chillis, curry powder and coconut cream!

Just add steam! English version

Steaming is simple, and often the simpler the better. Retains the natural flavour very well!