Fresh seafood straight from the pristine waters of New Zealand

Ikana source the finest seafood for you, from some of the cleanest, purest environments in the world. The New Zealand seawaters in the South are a fantastic medium for growing Greenshell mussels.

Live NZ Greenshell Mussels

Greenshell Mussels are native and grown only in New Zealand. Their emerald green shell are distinctive to this species and they are also the largest mussel.
Our farming partners lead by example in healthy ocean management and sustainability.
They are considered a superfood.

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Live NZ Blackfoot Paua (Abalone)

Wild caught 

Native to New Zealand from the Malborough Sounds by premium skilled divers who select only the best and strongest Abalone (Paua) for Ikana to export.
Their flesh is darker than other abalone species and for many they are a luxury seafood.

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