Providing a complete food, rich in nutrients for good health



Being a complete food Ikana Greenshell Mussels are rich in the following nutrients

(4.5 times that of lean meat)

Lean Protein

Omega 3


Vitamin B12





Mussels are cooked fast, ensuring goodness is retained

In just eight minutes mussels are steamed or cooked and still packed with nutrients

Growing products that naturally make our environment healthier


Growing products and caring for the ocean

With the rising levels of acidity in our oceans mussel shells absorb carbon from the ocean as they grow, with up to 218 kg Carbon per tonne being absorbed. Being filter feeders mussels absorb nitrogen from the sea as well as cleaning the water of pollution.



New Zealand are leading the way in restoring mussel beds.

A significant source of our mussels are from the Marlborough Sounds. It is here where there is an initiative to restore mussel beds naturally.


The growing of Green shelled mussels is sustainable

NZ Greenshell Mussels are rated by the Monterey Bay seafood watch programme as one of the most sustainable seafood products in the world. They grow on continuous crop ropes up to 4200 metres in length.  Farming requires the mussels and sea water.

Our farm suppliers are all part of the A+NZ sustainable aquaculture programme.

Building relationships of based on integrity and trust

In an industry at times maligned by debatable practices, we choose to act with openness and honesty. You will know that our word is our word. Period.


You know who you deal with and, being a small team you talk to the decision makers

We as New Zealanders believe this is crucial to maintaining our product, our standards and ultimately what you get as a customer.
We are available and responsive and value the fact that we can give you our guarantee, of not only the product but all of what we do to get such an amazingly good product to you!



They are all part of our commitment to ensure the best for you and the environment

We choose them carefully and they only join us knowing our standards and their own ability and commitment to them.New Zealand is small, so we visit them, and communicate regularly to keep up to date.This means we know how they treat the environment, how they manage processes and people.



All our customers become part of our team. It’s not us and them.

We choose to understand their environment, how they work and live and what we can do to support them beyond just sending another container or mussels! They are the closest to the end user, and they know what they like, and what they say about our product.


Proud of our association with New Zealand's approach

Ikana proudly source all their mussels from New Zealand’s pristine clear waters.

Our commitment to being better continues...

We believe in continual improvement.

Commitment to caring for the planet, caring for our product and what we offer.

We’re well aware of the challenges, and while there is a way to go, we’re on the journey. With you, with the planet.

Responsible Packaging

We're researching and experimenting with better packaging.
Keeping a fresh approach to keeping things fresh!


Planes are our only option at the moment, so we're doing what we can.
We're committed to our responsibility in the meantime


Ikana NZ Ltd is financially assisting the endangered yellow eyed penguin (Hoiho) which is the most endangered penguin species in the world. Ikana NZ donate 10 cents from each poly box we export to the penguin rescue trust. By the end of August 2021 that’s just under $12000 in the last 9 months.

There are only around 600 breeding pairs left in the world - most of the young penguins are males that are surviving therefore the breeding population is fast decreasing. Penguin Rescue provide breeding nests and sanctuary for the yellow eyed penguins at Katiki Point.