Sustainably sourced from New Zealands pristine ocean waters

Live NZ Greenshell Mussels

Guided by our values and respect for the planet...


Mussels are high in protein
and with 4x more Iron
than red meat, they're a super food!


Mussels contribute to the
reduction or pollution
and the levels of
carbon in the oceans


Ikana are committed to
open, honest relationships
with suppliers and customers.
Real and authentic

Our three pledges define our focus and commitment to healthy people and a healthy planet...

Here at Ikana as a producer of a product in high demand around the world, we choose to face the challenges head on.

From packaging the mussels to ensure their longevity, to transporting them by plane half way round the world, there is no simple solution. But that doesn’t deter us. We’re already experimenting with and researching the latest in compostable packs, and solutions are beginning to look possible

Follow our journey, growth and regeneration

Our story begins in the South Island of New Zealand

Ikana NZ is a proudly owned premier exporter of Live and fresh seafood.  We started our journey exporting in 2014 sourcing our Greenshell Mussels from Big Glory Bay in Stewart Island, the most Southern Isle in New Zealand. Ikana NZ is now New Zealand’s Leader for exported Live Greenshell Mussels.

And comes to you, packed at origin.
Live and Fresh

Packed At Origin means that our mussels are packed and sealed alive in New Zealand and delivered free from any risk of contamination safely to your table.  When you open an Ikana pack of LIVE mussels you can be assured of its contents  NZ mussels NZ seawater NZ air – nothing else!

Our guarantee to you is 12 days alive in our pack

Our Products

Ikana NZ sources premium live shellfish and the freshest seafood from the South Island waters of New Zealand.

Greenshell Mussels

Greenshell Mussels are native and grown only in New Zealand. Their emerald green shell are distinctive to this species and they are also the largest mussel.

Our farming partners lead by example in healthy ocean management and sustainability. They are considered a superfood.

NZ King Salmon

Our salmon is sourced from the cleanest coldest waters around Stewart Island at Big Glory Bay - and our King Salmon are BIG and high in Omega 3.

These salmon have a deeper richer taste and colour. Their softer flesh makes it an absolute best salmon for sashimi.

Blackfoot Abalone

WILD CAUGHT AND LIVE - Native to New Zealand from the Malborough Sounds by premium skilled divers who select only the best and strongest Abalone (Paua) for Ikana to export.

Their flesh is darker than other abalone species and for many they are a luxury seafood.